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I don't promise strict objectivity - I do promise honesty.

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David Ano
28 November 1976
"I don't promise strict objectivity - I do promise honesty." - Joe Sacco

About myself ... I was a graphic designer/illustrator working at a local alternative newspaper. I also worked for a while on BAM Too! as a co-editor. I dream of being a comic artist or writer, however being a father of five children takes up most my time.

About this journal/blog ... When I started, I used this LJ to post illustrations and comics. I still do from time to time, but less frequency. I then started using this journal as a personal diary. My daughter was in the hospital, our house burned down, I lost my job. It was a very hectic time. The problem is there are some people who only read my lj because I was an artist. So when crisis died down, I tried to make less diary posts (or moved the more wordy ones to another journal). More illustrations came back. Then in 2008 the elections came and I started getting editorial. I started getting my political comments on all sorts of NPR call-in shows. As the elections ended and many of the people who I voted for went into office, I had less to complain about. In 2009, my wife gave birth to our fourth daughter and I was also unemployed for most the year. I stopped paying the internet bill and stopped posting as much. In 2010, I got an awesome new job that I like to post about it. Midterm elections came, so I made political posts again. And every once in a while i still post an illustration. In 2011 I cut my budget and stopped paying for cable/internet, so I only posted sparsely. Look for a resurgence in 2012.
alternative comics, american public media, animals, ann arbor, anti-censorship, anti-prejudice, anti-racism, anti-war, apm, apple, apple computer, art, artists, australian comics, book making, book stores, books, carl barks, cartoonists, cartoons, cats, charles schulz, chasing amy, chocolate, coffee, comic art, comic artists, comic books, comics, computer art, computer graphics, computers, creating art, creative writing, creativity, current events, dave mckean, depeche mode, design, dexter, digital art, discovery channel, drawing, drawings, dvds, editorials, environment, environmental issues, equal rights, first amendment, gay rights, good eats, graphic design, graphic novels, graphics, hayao miyazaki, health, hellboy, human rights, illustrating, illustration, illustration friday, independent comics, independent film, independent films, japan, japanese culture, jim henson, kid shows, kraftwerk, learning, libraries, little house comics, macintosh, macs, masamune shirow, max and ruby, michigan, michigan football, mike mignola, mini comics, minicomics, monster and robot industries, morningstar farms, music, mythbusters, nasa, national public radio, nature, news, nick jr, npr, organic, painting, paintings, parenting, parenting support, pbs, peanuts, peep, pets, philip glass, photoshop, pixar, pixar movies, pri, public radio international, publishing, rain, reading, recoil, record players, recycling, red dwarf, rosemary wells, science, science channel, scott mccloud, sequential art, space, spirited away, spirituality, star trek: ds9, studio ghibli, tea, the books, the cure, the environment, the wretch, true blood, twin peaks, vegetarianism, vinyl records, visual arts, wait wait, wdet, weather, web comics, webcomics, will eisner, winnie the pooh, words, writing

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