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About myself ... My name is David Ano. I am a graphic designer/illustrator working at a local alternative newspaper. I dream of being a comic artist or writer, however being a father of five children takes up most my time.

About this journal/blog ... When I started, I used this LJ to post illustrations and comics. I still do from time to time, but less frequency. I then started using this journal as a personal diary. My daughter was in the hospital, our house burned down, I lost my job. It was a very hectic time. The problem is there are some people who only read my lj because I was an artist. So when crisis died down, I tried to make less diary posts (or moved the more wordy ones to another journal). More illustrations came back. Then in 2008 the elections came and I started getting editorial. I started getting my political comments on all sorts of NPR call-in shows. As the elections ended and many of the people who I voted for went into office, I had less to complain about. In 2009, my wife gave birth to our fourth daughter and I was also unemployed for most the year. I stopped paying the internet bill and stopped posting as much. In 2010, I got an awesome new job that I like to post about it. I am making political posts again. And every once in a while i still post an illustration.

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Also check out my old website a http://webpages.charter.net/davidano/ that has my old comics, my design portfolio and other stuff.


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