David Ano (losttoy) wrote,
David Ano

Free Mini Comic today

Today is Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day is May 1st, where participating comic book shops give away special comic books free to anyone who comes into their stores. I decided to put together at the last minute a mini-comic preview of our BAM Too! project. BAM Too! will have around 400 pages from about 60-70 artists. In the completed book we will have broad range of comics, including but limited to action/adventure, art comix, comedy/humor/satire/parody, crime/mystery, drama, editorial, fantasy/supernatural, heroics, horror, nonfiction/autobiography/journal, romance, sci-fi and western.

This free preview features a random sampling of the book that is currently in production. Artists included in the preview comic are David Ano, Wilbur Dawbarn, Matt Bellisle, Jude Terror, Jon Salwen, SuperGinrai X, Topher Seal, Craig Collins, Iain Laurie, Alexander Danner, Dan Mazur and J.M. Hunter. Download it at:
Tags: bam, illustration

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